Income Calculator

The Walk My Dog Income Calculator helps you to see for yourself how much it is possible to earn by running your own Walk My Dog business.

Service OfferedRate (£)No.
1 hour walks / week
½ hour walks / week
1 hour pet sitting visits / week
½ hour pet sitting visits / week
Total Incomeper year
Vehicle Running CostsCost per mile (pence)Miles per day
Miles Travelled Per Day
Vehicle Running Costs / Year
Net Profit 

Please note, when using the Walk My Dog Franchise Income Calculator:

  • This calculator provides estimates and should be used only as a guide.
  • Dogs can be walked in groups. This means, 40 ‘one hour’ dog walks in a 5-day week only equates to 2 hours of walking per day if you are walking dogs in groups of 4.
  • Naturally, income will be greater if other services are offered such as pet taxi etc.
  • Fuel efficiency will help maximise profits – deciding which dogs to walk together is very important.
  • The more dogs your franchise walks, the greater your profits!


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