A Carbon Neutral Company

Walk My Dog is committed to offsetting the environmental impacts of its business activities through investing in climate-friendly projects (such as tree planting) at a farm in South Wales.

A typical Walk My Dog pet care worker will travel 15,000 miles per year by car. This can result in the release of over 5 tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere. For every half a tonne of carbon emitted Walk My Dog plants one Welsh oak tree in a dedicated woodland area at a farm in South Wales.

“Walk My Dog is the UK’s only carbon neutral dog walking and pet sitting company.”

Trees take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and store it in their woody tissues – 50% of a tree’s dry weight is carbon. Over its lifetime, a Welsh oak tree will absorb as much as one tonne of CO2. This process, called sequestration, is very slow initially but accelerates as the tree matures. Globally, forests currently absorb between 1/5 and 1/4 of all human emissions of CO2. This is clearly a very important factor in the struggle to combat global warming as CO2 is the major greenhouse gas.


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