Other Pet Services

Walk My Dog Cardiff offers a range of other services, including

Photograph My Dog

The official photographer for Walk My Dog Cardiff is Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year finalist Nick Russill. His pet portraits are innovative, inspiring and the perfect gift!

Pet Store

Walk My Dog, in association with Amazon, offers a comprehensive range of pet accessories which may be purchased securely in our online shop.

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance may be obtained from a number of different companies.  Walk My Dog can point you in the right direction!

Dog Walking Weather Forecast

Our short-term local dog walking weather forecasts are provided by weather-forecast.com, a world leader in online weather forecasting. Their innovative approach to forecasting accounts for the elevation of your dog walk above sea level. As a result, the temperatures, wind and weather estimates on Walk My Dog’s website are more accurate than traditional weather forecasting sites that only quote temperatures for nearby towns or valleys. Their services are used by thousands of dog walkers around the world to plan their activities day to day.


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